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Orlando shooting hits MSU’s LGBT community with shock

Late Sunday morning on June 12, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer went live a few blocks from Pulse nightclub – the number of bodies had doubled – 49 people were dead. When the gunfire stopped the night before, the shooting became the worst in United States history. Shocked by the news, reactions and condolences began to poor [...]

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ASMSU and COGS: We won’t live in fear after Orlando shooting

In the early hours on Sunday morning, an act of violence against the LGBTQ community in Orlando, Florida sent shockwaves across the country. As students, we are taught to: be bold and prepare for engagement in a world wrought with uncertainty, to be centered and steadfast in times when understanding is not a possibility, and to be measured in our [...]

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MSU raises tuition for seventh consecutive year

The Board of Trustees on Wednesday raised tuition by 3.7 percent for in-state undergraduates, according to 2016-2017 budget proposal. The increase remains under the state cap of 4.2 percent. Lower division, freshmen and sophomores, will see a 3.7 percent increase. Cost per credit hour will go up $16.75 with a total of $468.75 per credit hour for the [...]

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Santavicca: It’s on us to make assault victims feel safe

Let’s face it: reporting a case of sexual assault only becomes more challenging when those who should be supportive of a survivor are only pushing them into corners of guilt and fault. The culprits? The immediate doubt and blameful questions pointed toward a survivor indicating nothing more than the societal and cultural insecurities of realizing [...]

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ASMSU prepares and recruits during summer

With the depleting number of people on campus and in East Lansing during the summer, students who choose to stay lose some resources that are regularly available during the school year. The Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, MSU’s undergraduate student government, will have low numbers but still be present on campus, along with [...]

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In wake of death of suicidal student, mental health resources on campus highlighted

With the MSU community still reeling from the recent death of French senior Patrick Kegan Cochrane, mental health expert Victor Schwartz of the New York University School of Medicine weighed in on the current state of mental health on college campuses across the country. Schwartz said mental health issues can stem from a variety of different factors, [...]

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