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Candidate Bios

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Traverse City, MI


I was born in Arkhangel’sk, Russia in 1998, and adopted in 2003, and brought to the United States. I have lived in Traverse City since then. I accepted Christ as my Savior, and was born again, in October 2016. I love to run, run races, catch snakes, find petoskies, sell petoskies, work, read political/American history books, study history, fish, kayak, hike, travel, disciple, and listen to music. A goal is to dual major in Fisheries and Wildlife and Political Science, with a minor in Russian, here at Michigan State University.


My beliefs, ideals, and trusts that I follow are the solid foundation I chose to stand on. And it is a duty have faith to stand through any elements that will aim to impair such. For me, and within the position again as a Representative for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, will be a commitment to know, hear, and value the voices, all voices, of fellow students whom I would then represent. From me you can expect action on their voices, the invaluable work ethic to see their interests through and indeed also what is good for us all. As a representative, I am not above them, but with them.

Within just my first year here at Michigan State University, a very turbulent one to say the least, so many opportunities have been given to me to test my work ethic, worldview, and faith. I have been an active ASMSU Rep. since last fall of being chosen


San Antonio, TX

I’m Gabriella Winters and i’m an out-of-state first year hoping to go into accounting. I am a member of ASMSU Freshman Class Council, Women in Business Association, Women of Distinction, and I am a mentor for Upward Bound. I want to be a representative for the business college because I believe the job of the General Assembly is to voice concerns of the student body and I want to help incorporate more student voices into the decision making process. If I were elected, I’d love to meet up with business clubs/organizations on a semi-regular basis to hear the thoughts of the student body and be able to get a feel for how they think to incorporate that into how I represent the college. Some of my goals are to make those on campus feel safer; find ways to help students be strong mentally, physically, and academically; and set Spartans up for success. I hope that you all vote for me for your representative in the General Assembly. Thank you for your consideration! Go Green! #WintersfortheWin

Zi Gong, China

My name is Jiahao She.  I am currently a junior, majoring in Finance and minoring in Theatre.  I am running for ASMSU Business College general representative.  Last year, I was elected as one of Business College representatives; however, I resigned my position in the end of 2017 because my Academic accomplishments occupied the time period conflicted with ASMSU weekly meetings.  This time, I want to run for another year and I will make sure myself to manage my time properly.  Freshman year, I was involved in McDonel Hall Government; in Sophomore year, I was involved in Sophomore Class Council, which mainly helps Sophomores to have a better college experiences; this year, I have been involved in Junior Class Council, mainly focus on Juniors professional development, and partially ASMSU business college representative.  If I am re-elected as a representative, I will be continuing to reach out to students and helping them with their needs.  Also, I will be seeking issues/ problems and making improvements on them.

Newberry, MI

Hello everyone! My name is Maysa Sitar and I’m a freshman double majoring in journalism and Political Science. Currently your Representative for the College of communication Arts and Sciences, I’m running for reelection! As a Rep, I attend meetings, pass bills, serve on University Council, and advocate for students. Outside of ASMSU, I’m a Junior Staffer for MSUMUN (Model UN), a campaign intern, and a Social Science Scholar. On my free time you can catch me running, reading, climbing trees, or frantically sprinting to the next Cata bus.

Having witnessed the last few months from a student government perspective, I’m all too aware of the need for change here at MSU. I’m currently working on a bill to create a student advisory council to the MSU president. This appointed group would act similarly to a Dean’s Advisory Council in that students would have a direct line of communication to the president. Additionally, I’m also working on a project to instate a compost system at MSU.

I’m also conducting research on Big Ten Universities and the way they handle sexual assault. Being able to bring this data to create actual MSU legislation in the coming school year will be a big step forwards for our university. If you have any questions, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to me at sitarmay@msu.edu or (906) 322-1252. I hope to continue serving you in the coming year, and don’t forget to get out and vote!

Flint, MI

Temia Gaines is a senior from Flint, MI, double majoring in Advertising and Media & Information. She is a member of the All University Student Hearing Board as well as a teaching assistant for the Michigan State Upward Bound Program. Temia has a passion for travelling the world and enlightening underrepresented youth in her community. “Having two majors with the college of communication, Arts, and Science has given me an extensive connection with the college and activities that on throughout it. I would like to be an ASMSU representative because I connect with different students in the college on a daily basis, and I would be a sound voice to represent them. If elected as a representative I have an idea that will make sure that the students in my college are not only aware of what is going on in ASMSU but that will ensure that they will also have a voice through our representatives.”

Southfield, MI

Since its reorganization as a single General Assembly in the late 200s, ASMSU has been an essential element of MSU’s community by listening and fulfilling the needs of students.

To this day, I have not been on a campus bigger than MSU with over 50,000 students and over 900 student organizations. Moving into Butterfield Hall my freshmen year and trying to get the hang of CATA allowed me to admit that my family was right and MSU really is like a “mini city”. Now that I have lived on campus for a year, observed my fellow peers and participated in a variety of different events and gatherings, I have realized that there is more that can be done for MSU.

My involvement with Red Cedar Log, F.A.M.I.L.Y, and MSU Fashion Week have allowed me to meet various people from around the globe including Asia, Africa, and Europe. Already I have connected and spoken with students about concerns they have in relations to their safety, mental health, and transportation on campus.

If elected as a representative on the General Assembly I will continue to listen to students as ASMSU’s GA have done in the past, but also learn more about the organizations that students are currently running so when new plans are developed we can include the students and their organizations when executing those plans. This will be a driving force in implementing new solutions and creating a massive impact for innovation and change on our campus.

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Cairo, Egypt

I promise for change. I promise to make MSU a safer campus. I promise to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard clearly without any fears. As a junior studying Electrical Engineering at the College of Engineering, I want to ensure that MSU is a better place for Future Spartans before i graduate.

Together we’ll change tomorrow!

Clarkston, MI

I am currently in my second year here at MSU as an electrical engineering major. I am the co-president and treasurer of Spartan DJ Club, and I am a part of the Club Tennis Team here. I am looking to become an ASMSU representative so I can be more involved with the MSU and engineering communities. If I were elected, my goals would be to have lasting positive impacts on the students here, and to serve in whatever capacity needed to the best of my ability. I would also make sure to be available to other students so they can voice any concerns/opinions to me. I believe I am trustworthy enough to be a representative and get things done.

Dexter, MI

Well, I have been an Engineering Representative for 2 years. In this time, I have been searching the heap of bolts and wires that is the half-defunct assembly of the Engineering college. Honestly it is not that bad, but we still pay ludicrous sums of money for a product which could have more benefits. So, vote for me, and I will be your sword and shield against the MSU bureaucracy.

Lake Orion, MI

Hey, I’m Alexis Sargent! I’m in the James Madison College & Honors College here at MSU. I am in the James Madison Student Senate, & have started three organizations on campus–the Undergraduate Social Policy & Affairs Association, the Women’s Collegiate network, and MSU’s American Enterprise Institute Student Executive council. Our university is currently struggling with policies surrounding sexual assault, and my goal is to make the process for survivors more transparent with MSU. I personally knew Dr. Nassar, and understand how his scandal happened, & want to work on preventing that in the future. Campus research shows that MSU Greek Members are disproportionately affected by sexual assault, and this is a problem. I am a member of Greek Life, I believe it is important to have people in Greek Life at the table when making decisions about MSU’s Greek System’s future.

Negaunee, MI

Hi There!  My name is Kelsie Luokkala and I am running for JMC’s seat on the ASMSU General Assembly.  This year I served hals a term as the GA representative for the College of Arts and Letters (I am double majoring in Comparative Cultures and Politics and Spanish) and as the Academic Affairs intern for ASMSU.  I am very involved in Academic Governance at MSU through my current position in ASMSU.  I have also been very involved with class councils within ASMSU, having served as the Sophomore Class Council President.  If I were elected to JMC’s GA seat, I would like to advocate for my fellow students and their ideas, as well as incorporate a survey system into the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that all students voices are heard in that area.  If you have questions or advocacy ideas, feel free to email me at luokkal2@msu.edu.

Macomb, MI

I want to continue my position as JMC rep because my goals and plans for this campus are just beginning.  As your representative, I have advocated for automatic voter registration, Title IX reform, a fund for sexual assault survivors and holding the administration responsible for the atrocities that they have committed on campus.  My plans for 2018-2019 are electing a female ASMSU president, creating a campus that is safe from gun violence, and continuing my advocacy for survivors’ rights.  Email me any time with suggestions or questions: majesti6@msu.edu.


My name is Samuel Richard Klahn, and I’m a Junior in Comparative Cultures and Politics. I think in a broad sense, I feel a deep sense of conviction to be useful and of service to the campus community. In the past, I’ve fulfilled this need by being an Intercultural Aide on campus, but I’m looking forwards, towards a new experience at MSU.

During my undergrad, I’ve been involved with 4 colleges, I’ve lived in 3 neighborhoods, and I’ve spent a lot of hours involved in various groups and activities. I feel like the network will be useful to advocate for student needs in the next year. This interaction with my community is also the motivation I have for running. I care very deeply about people not only being successful academically, but feeling at home on campus. Feeling enabled towards success, as well as safe, valued, and connected to others. MSU has been transformative in the way I love those around me, and I would relish the opportunity to give back. Please contact me with any questions!

Pinconning, MI

Hi everyone! My name is Stacey LaRouche, and I hail from the small but mighty town of Pinconning, Michigan! On campus, I am currently involved in James Madison College Student Senate. I am a perfect candidate for the position of JMC representative on ASMSU’s General Assembly because of my outgoing personality, strong work ethic, and massive dedication to the students of JMC!

A question I commonly ask myself is: “If I don’t, who will?” This is why I want to run for GA. I have faith in myself that I can listen to my constituents effectively, and bring the concerns of JMC students to the larger MSU table.

I also want to be a member of GA so I can increase my awareness of the issues that plague all of Michigan State University, not just James Madison. I was inspired to run for this position because of recent events on campus. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are problems that will not go away until we do something about them. As a victim of harassment, I know first hand how detrimental the impact of people’s words and actions can be. I want to prevent other students on campus from feeling this way ever again.

Although this is a lofty goal, I have faith in myself that I am the person who can work with others to achieve this. Thank you for taking the time to read my statement, I hope you consider voting for me, Stacey Rouche.

Walled Lake, MI

My name is Thomas Hojnacki and I currently study International Relations in James Madison College with a dual major in political science. I am an active member in many student organizations including the Foreign Service organization and the fundraising committee within Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-law Fraternity. I have many other credentials which have prepared me to become a James Madison College Representative such as my time interning in the Michigan House of Representatives, as well as my current efforts in assisting to manage a federal congressional campaign for Michigan’s 11th district. As Michigan State transitions leadership and takes the next step towards progress during this sensitive time for the student body, it is imperative we have the student leadership necessary to represent all the voices that seem to be drowned out in such a large and diverse campus. Throughout my experiences, I know how easy it can be for individual voices to be lost and let the ideals and goals of a candidate override the desires of the very people they are running to represent. As your James Madison college Representative, I aim to create a more active student body in which will I represent the voices of all James Madison students. With my help, I will make sure we are heard among the crowd so that we may come together to create a more unified MSU.

Las Vegas, NV

Hi. My name is Dylan Westrin, and I am currently one of the General Assembly Representatives for James Madison College. I first got involved in ASMSU during October 2016 when I was hired as the intern for the Academic Affairs Department. Within a month, I was serving as the interim Vice-President for Academic Affairs, and I held that position until the next election in April of 2017. During my time at ASMSU, I have been heavily involved with Michigan State’s Academic Governance structure. I’ve held a seat on the Steering Committee, University Council, Faculty Senate (Ex-Officio), University Committee for Academic Governance, and the University Committee for Undergraduate Education. In this time of institutional turmoil, I am ready to continue my involvement within this system to keep representing our interests as students.

Within ASMSU, I have served as the Vice-Chair and Chair of the Finance Committee. There, the committee and I worked hard to pass landmark legislation that funded projects such as ElectHer, Project TIME, and the student roundtables across campus to address Campus climate. Now, we are currently working to design a budget that works to the benefit of all students.

Now is the time to unite our voices and channel our emotions into the academic governance structure. As someone who has been doing it for two years, I am ready to do it again. Now is the time to push for change, and I believe I have the connections and the drive to make it happen.

Fowler, MI

Hello fellow Spartans! My name is Lauren Jernstadt, and I am a sophomore studying Physiology and Bioethics through the Lyman Briggs College here at Michigan State University. I am currently involved in various organizations on campus, including the Honors College First Year Council, Honors Students Actively Recruiting, and the American Medical Student Association, amongst many others. I have also been highly involved in community service activities in the Lansing area this past year through the Allen Neighborhood Center. This is only a fraction of my story, however, and every student within Lyman Briggs and this amazing school has their own to tell. It is more crucial than ever that student voices are put in the spotlight and heard, and that is why I want to be an ASMSU representative: to encourage dialogue that will lead to effective change to our campus culture. Students on this campus and across the country are just starting to realize the power they have in sparking change, and I would use my influence as a student leader to turn ideas into actions. Specifically, I would like to host monthly forums within Briggs to discuss issues that ASMSU is currently dealing with and receive feedback from students about issues they wish to see discussed at future meetings. I would also like to help facilitate more campus-wide discussions to help educate students and faculty about tackling relevant issues such as the recent residential college teach-in. Help me ignite the flame of change and vote for your voice!

Huntington Woods, MI

My name is Olivia Nave and I will be a sophomore next fall. I would be honored to be your Lyman Briggs representative because I am extremely passionate about Lyman Briggs and how we are represented as a student body. As you may know, this is a challenging time to be an MSU student. That is why, more than ever, I believe we need strong representation as a student body. I believe that one of the reasons we are facing the issues as a University is because the students did not have a strong enough voice. I would like to be part of the change that strengthens the student voice. Whether this is through, improving the sexual assault counselling response time, making classrooms more inclusive, or even getting weekend combos. I would like to be able to represent what you believe is the most important to our class community. My main passion however, is inclusivity in STEM fields. I believe that many groups are underrepresented due to classroom environments that systematically make it more difficult for marginalized groups to participate. I hope to change narratives around campus about what it looks like to participate in classrooms and challenge some of the traditional models for learning to make these environments more inclusive for women, people with disabilities, and other marginalized groups. I believe that everyone deserves to have a voice and that starts with the students. As soon as we speak up, people will start listening.

Waterford, MI

Hi all!

My name is Benjamin Horne, and I am a junior neuroscience major and one of the current ASMSU Representatives for Lyman Briggs College. I also serve as ASMSU’s representative to the Sexual Violence Advisory Committee, where our goal is to aggregate community feedback and relay suggestions for improvement to upper administration. Within Lyman Briggs, I am also a Chemistry Learning Assistant, a Briggs Ambassador, and have previously served as the Vice President of Holmes Hall Association. I am dedicated to the Briggs community as well as to its students.

Last year, I ran on with the goal of improving mental health resources on campus as well as advocating for changing MSU’s sexual assault policies. Our University is at a point where the student voice needs to be heard moving forward if we are to improve campus climate and policies, because students are the ones that are directly exposed to them. I have made the commitment to being available and accountable to the students I represent over the past year, and if re-elected, I would continue to strive to be a listening ear and an advocate for change on behalf of the students of Lyman Briggs. As always, don’t hesitate to contact me at horneben@msu.edu or when you see me around Holmes Hall!

Go Green,


Auburn Hills, MI

Hello! My name is Isaiah Hawkins and I’m a junior with a major in Music Education (with a focus in Voice) and a minor in Secondary Mathematics Education. Within ASMSU, I’ve served as a representative for the College of Music for the past 3 terms, and this year I additionally serve as the Vice Chair of the Policy committee and thus have a position on the Steering committee. I have advocated for and introduced legislation for Sexual Assault Prevention and Title IX policy reform, and I intend to further advocate for voter registration and for the voices of students having a major role in rebuilding our university, among many other initiatives. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out! My email is hawki198@msu.edu, and I am available on social media as well!

Bresse, IL

My name is Elizabeth Medlin, and I am a junior music education major in the College of Music. I am passionate about RVSM advocacy, educational equity, and musical excellence.

As a current representative in ASMSU I have advocated for administrative reform at the highest levels. It has been a challenging year for our university, but I represent a student body that has stood up and declared “no more” with one voice.

I believe that it is better for leaders to reach too high than never seek change, and as your representative, I will advocate tirelessly for the needs and interests of both the College of Music and the Spartan community as a whole.

Coldwater, MI

Hi, my name’s Kumaran, I’m a sophomore neuroscience major minoring in sociology and it would be an honor for me to serve as your ASMSU representative! As a freshman on campus last year, I immediately began participating in numerous “Get Out the Vote” Drives. Combining that with my work as an intern for gubernatorial candidate Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, I have been able to register over 200 people on campus to vote. Today, I am involved in a professional chemistry fraternity as well as the Osteopathic Medical Scholars program. But beyond my love for science, I am involved in various political organizations on campus that foster an appreciation for social change, policy, and justice. I’m ready to put these interests to the test by representing you in student government for the College of Natural Science!

As your ASMSU representative, I want to focus on three general areas: eliminating the pervasiveness of sexual assault on campus, pushing MSU towards greener initiatives, and making the many resources already available to students much more accessible. In addition, I will work towards providing free feminine products, lab goggles, and flu shots campuswide. I would also like to see a more user-friendly smartphone app for MSU. If elected, I plan on hosting frequent discussion events for natural science students who want to voice any concerns they have. If you have any concerns at the moment or would like to reach out to me for any reason, my email is arivolik@msu.edu. Thank you!


Scientists are often regarded as politically distant individuals who spend their time isolated in class or lab, and while that idea isn’t particularly untrue, I’d like to see more a more scientifically based political process founded in facts and data. My name is Kathrine Gray, I’m an environmental microbiology student, and I’m seeking reelection to represent you in the GA of ASMSU. My passions stem from advocating for those without a voice, primarily through environmental, mental health, and sexual assault based issues.

My freshman year I became involved with RISE (the Residential Initiative on the Study of the Environment) which sparked an interest in water quality that hasn’t waivered since. I love sharing my environmental knowledge on campus and supporting increased sustainability efforts through ASMSU.

I’ve spent most of my time this past semester advocating for mental health resources and reformation to the current sexual assault reporting process. Both with mental health and sexual assault cases there comes an immense amount of negative stigma, and frankly this shouldn’t be the case. Being a student is hard enough we shouldn’t also struggle with finding resources when we need help.

When not at ASMSU I can be found with my chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma, at events for sexual assault victims or the environment, and studying at the lib. I hope to continue representing the Natural Science student body and promote more scientifically grounded policy for our school.

Okemos, MI

Hello, my name is James St. Clair.I technically am a transfer from Kalamazoo College. I’m a Junior studying neuroscience with a focus on Psychology; ultimate goal is to become an Osteopathic Psychiatrist! Coming from a smaller school, initially, everyone is way more involved in student government; which leads me to my goal. My goal in running is to expand involvement: I want to hear from everyone, and give them a voice! In this horrid time of Nassar, MSU is on the spotlight. We need to help the sister survivors and others affected by molestation – like myself. I want to be a voice for many and help change our lovely school for the better!

Buffalo, NY

I’m Caroline Colpoys, currently one of your representatives on the General Assembly.  A junior originally from Buffalo, NY, I’m earning two degrees in chemistry and criminal justice along with a philosophy minor.  I’m in Alpha Chi Sigma, the pre-professional chemistry fraternity, and as well as the national criminal justice honors society.

The past year has been an absolutely incredible learning experience for me, and I’m eager to continue the work I started this year as your GA rep for another year.  I’ve built great relationships with a great number of people within ASMSU.  As a scientist, I’m not going to make this claim without giving you evidence, of course.  In the month of January, I was elected “Exemplary GA Representative of the Month” by my incredible peers, whose motivation and passion for advocacy inspires me every day.

That being said, I’m just getting started.  I’ve helped lead a review of Greek Life, participated in a focus group to reform Title IX policies, sat on an academic governance committee, promoted passage of vital ASMSU legislation, and done my utmost to reach out to every constituent possible to make sure your voice is heard.  However, I want to focus more on the reformation of the calculus program at MSU, promoting a collaborative approach to research, and writing an action plan for the university to follow to update the way we handle sexual assault on campus.  If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, please email me at colpoysc@msu.edu.  Thanks, go green, and go vote!

No Candidates

Rochester, MI

Hi! My name is Megan Walsh and I am currently a level 5 college of nursing student pursuing a Traditional Bachelor’s degree. I am currently the General Assembly Rep for the CON and would love to represent my college again in the 55th assembly of ASMSU. I graduate in December of 2018. Being involved in ASMSU has made me a more passionate member of the MSU campus, and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished this year. I hope to relay similar sentiments come Fall 2018. Thanks! And Go Green!

Grand Ledge, MI

My name is Lauren Sharp; I am a senior in the College of Nursing at Michigan State. I would love to be a part of ASMSU, again. My first semester in the program I loved the involvement the undergraduate students are in with on campus issues and their solutions. My on-campus involvement includes being in the nursing club and a part of ASMSU in 2017. I was involved in the sexual assault movement with my program about Larry nassar. These involvements created a rich experience that i can help continue in 2018 in ASMSU. I want to be a part of ASMSU because I have a lot to offer and help spread awareness to the undergraduate students at MSU and to the nursing program. I enjoy meeting new people in the program and I like hearing ideas from other representatives. Some ideas that I have are to help spread more awareness on sexual assault on campus. With the Larry Nassar case, sexual assault has brought more into light and I know I can help be a part of the times up sexual assault movement on campus.

San Francisco, CA

This is a crucial time for our community, making it more important than ever for members of student government to be a strong voice for whoever they are representing. I believe that I can be that strong voice as a representative of the College of Social Science. My position in leadership roles in campus organizations has prepared me to be a successful representative in ASMSU. I want to do my part to help MSU maintain their commitment to, “cultivate a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by caring and respect for others.” By sticking to this commitment, I hope to do my part to bridge the gap between students and administration so that students can have their voices be heard on changes they want to see. I hope you can believe in me and look forward to serving the student body.

Dearborn Heights, MI

Hello students! My name is Selva Haidar and I’m a freshman from Dearborn Heights, Michigan. I’m in the college of Social Science majoring in Political Science and hope to one day become a foreign service office. I’m the secretary of ASMSU’s Freshman Class Council, treasurer for Holden Hall Government, and the Lebanese Student Association Community Service Director. With each e-board position I hold here at Michigan State University, I’ve gained a mass amount of leadership skills that I plan to use to help our school. I find myself to be very optimistic and outgoing, allowing me to listen and understand everyone’s thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Ever since my first day on campus, I have always strived to make a difference. I want to help make our campus a fun, safe, and diverse place. If elected, I will always try to reach out to students and bring in the changes you want to see at MSU. I come from a family of immigrants, and constantly attend MRULE (multi-racial unity living experience), collecting different perspectives from all over the world which I can bring to our college. I also believe that having a woman representing the college of social science can guide us to new opportunities. I’m here to serve and represent you. If you elect me, that is exactly what I’ll do. Thank you for your time, and vote for me, Selva Haidar, as the Social Science representative for General Assembly. Don’t be a hater and vote Haidar!

Grand Haven, MI

Hello, i’m Natalie Hix and I’d like to represent you this coming year on the General Assembly with the College of Social Science. I study Criminal Justice and Middle Eastern Studies, with minors in Arabic and Muslim Studies. I’m heavily involved in the college and would be honored to promote students’ interests. I’m passionate about community service and raising up peers, doing this as the Volunteer Coordinator Officer in the American Criminal Justice Association and as an Undergraduate Learning Assistant. I’m a member of various other clubs as well, and am a current intern as an Intelligence Analyst. All of these opportunities came from the College of Social Science, and as a general assembly member I would spread the word of them to my fellow students.

This year has been a struggle for MSU, with its key events defined by shame and failure to act rather than the countless positive actions from the students. In my time at ASMSU, I promise to work my absolute hardest and expanding direct channels of communication between high administration and the average students, especially for those who don’t know how to speak up or don’t have the time. I’ll promote the implementation of restorative measures, which will bring back more trust in the institution. The MSU community as a whole has proven solidarity, and I believe that we can build on that community by facilitating more engagement with individual colleges. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you’ll consider me as your representative.

Livonia, MI

My name is Lauren Bernhardt. I am a junior pursuing degrees in human Capital and Society and Psychology in the College of Social Science, and am currently the President of the Residence Halls Association, the on-campus student government. I hope to continue my involvement in student government and work more closely with students of my college as your ASMSU representative. During my three years in RHA, I served as hall representative, Director of Health and Safety, and President. This year, we were the first organization to extend a vote of no confidence in the Board of Trustees and Interim President. I advocated for expanded mental health treatment, improving the sexual assault prevention, education, and enforcement policies, WiFi in the residence halls, and student involvement in administration and campus. I hope to continue focusing on these areas, especially sexual assault, inclusion, mental health, and communication from student to representative to administration. Student voice must be heard. Beyond this, I commit to continually soliciting ideas from other Social Science students and truly representing their interests and concerns.

If elected, I will utilize my existing relationships, skills, and knowledge of campus resources to improve the campus in new ways. We cannot simply uphold the status quo; I hope, and will work to ensure, that MSU will soon have a radically different campus climate. In the face of such a crisis, we must reevaluate the way representatives and organizations interact with students and university leadership, and work together to create lasting, effective change.

Hamtramck, MI

I am a student that wants to have a voice to speak for the people that can not speak for themselves. I want everyone to feel included and to feel like they belong. Holding a leadership position and being a leader are completely different things. If your actions inspire people to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than you’re a leader. I want to be the person people look up to to make a change. If I get chosen to be an ASMSU representative, I will make sure my voice isn’t just saying my thought, but the thoughts of all the people I want to help as well. I’m not set on this position to be in charge, but to make a difference. To me it isn’t just about the role but about the goal I am trying to reach. I am involved in bettering my community and giving back. I volunteer at Sparrow hospital and am a member of Minority Association of premedical Student (MAPS) and VIM magazine. I want to be more involved on campus and make a bigger impact which is why I am trying to be an ASMSU representative. MSU is full of people from all different types of backgrounds and we are all different in our own way. At the end of the day, as long as we let ourselves accept our differences, we can all unite together and make this campus a place where we can all prosper.

Dayton, Ohio

Lauren is a sophomore on the pre-vet track, with majors in zoology and public policy and a minor in linguistics. She is in MSU’S Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, one of the current ASMSU Pre-Vet representatives, and a member of the debate team. She’s passionate about the environment, and after veterinary school, she wants to contribute to conservation efforts in the parts of the world most affected by industrialization.

If re-elected, Lauren would work for changes to campus policy, with the goal of stopping sexual assault; ASMSU should use its influence to turn diffuse community outrage into directed action. She also wants to set up a laptop loan program for students who can’t afford them, because this is critical resource it out of reach for so many of MSU’s students.