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ASMSU Bike Share Program

Do you live on campus?

This is a service not available to off campus students at this time. Please email vpfo@asmsu.msu.edu with any questions or comments.

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BikeShare Contract Summary
1. Bike must be returned to the same location that it was
checked out at.

2. The rental period is 7 hours and the bike must be
returned by 8 p.m.

3. Please check the condition of the bike to ensure it is in
proper riding status. Notify the receptionist if the bike
is not present, has any damage, or requires
maintenance. Failure to do so may result in a charge to
your account.

4. Loss of the bike will incur a fee of $350 for a green
Xtown bike, $300 for a blue Nevada bike, and a $600
charge for the green ASMSU Republic Bikes to your
student account and any damages will incur a fee of up
to $200. These fees will be levied 72 hours after the
bike is initially marked as missing.

5. Repeated failure to follow the rules of the program may
result in a ban from the program after 3 occurrences of
misuse (late, not returning the bike properly, etc.)

6. Loss of the key or lock will incur a charge of $25

Click here for the full Waiver
Check this box if you accept the above terms and agree to abide by the waiver linked above.

Established in the spring of 2015, the ASMSU Bike Share Program is an effort to provide free, non-vehicular transportation options to students with a low cost, effective bike share rental service.  The Bike Share Program is a partnership between RHS, REHS, Recreation Sports and Fitness Services, Student Affairs and Services, Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, MSU Bikes and ASMSU.

Currently, the Bike Share Program has 40 bicycles and 1 hand-cycle in operation.

Bike Share bikes are available at the following front desk locations:

  • Bailey Hall
  • Butterfield Hall
  • Snyder Hall
  • North Hubbard Hall
  • East Wilson Hall

Renting a bike is now easier and more accessible than ever before! Follow these simple steps to make your next commute to class seamless!

  1. Sign the waiver above with your MSU email and save the confirmation email from ASMSU.
  2. Go to the front desk at one of the above halls
  3. Present the waiver confirmation email to the Service Center Representative
  4. They will ensure that your APID and Name match and swipe your MSU ID
  5. Reception will then provide you with a key
  6. Unlock the bike from the designated ASMSU Bike Share rack
  7. The bike can be rented out for a maximum of 7 hours or until 8 p.m. and the bike must be returned to the same hall/rack where it was rented out at.
  8.  After arriving back to the hall which you rented the bike from and locking the bike to the rack, provide the key and ID to reception to check the bike back in and allow other students to use the bike.

Important Note: The bike must be returned to the proper bike share rack and by the specified time to avoid the value of the bike being charged to your student account and a hold being placed on your account.

Come check us out and rent out a bike for a sustainable transportation option for your travels through campus!

Using our program can provide a slew of benefits!

  1. Sustainable option
  2. Easy to use
  3. Free option for students who don’t have a bike on campus
  4. Saves travel time

Schedule of Operations:

The ASMSU Bike Share Program operates according to the following schedule:

Fall Semester

  • Begin: Start of Fall Semester
  • End: Thanksgiving Break

Spring Semester

  • Begin: After Spring Break- pending weather
  • End: End of Spring Semester Finals

Summer Semester

  • Begin: Start of Summer Semester
  • End: End of Summer Semester

*Note: The ASMSU Bike Share is available only at utilized campus housing during summer months.

For more information on the ASMSU Bike Share Program, contact vpfo@asmsu.msu.edu

Need help with your Bike Share bicycle?  Contact MSU Bikes at (517) 432-3400
For after hours service requests please email: bikes@msu.edu