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Need to pay a loan? Follow this link : https://commerce.cashnet.com/msu_3657_ASMSU

Please note that late fees will be applied if a loan repayment is not submitted by the due date. This link shows the late fee schedule for ASMSU Loans: https://asmsu.msu.edu/…/Fall-Late-Fee-Schedule

Short-Term Loans Program

ASMSU offers a short-term and interest free loan for up to $300.00 during the first 6 weeks of the Fall and Spring Semesters.

You must be enrolled in the current semester with no holds on your student account,  be an ASMSU/COGS tax payer, and have no previous defaulted loans with ASMSU. Please bring two forms of photo ID with you. The loan process take approximately 10-15 minutes and includes verification of enrollment.

For questions regarding you eligibility, please contact our Engagement Office at 517-355-8266 or e-mail us at adminasst@asmsu.msu.edu from your MSU e-mail account. For security reasons, personal information cannot be provided to a non-MSU e-mail account.

Summer loans are also available. If you are enrolled in a full-semester course then loans are available the first 6 weeks of the semester and the full $300 loan is available.  If you are enrolled in a 1st or 2nd session course then loans are available the first 2 weeks of the session and a $200 loan is available.

Protect your wallet and credit. Please borrow wisely.