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Readership Program

Ever notice those green newspaper bins across campus? Those are a part of the ASMSU Readership Program, which provides free newspapers including the New York Times, USA Today, Detroit Free Press and Lansing State Journal to all undergraduate students.

Over 150,000 copies are distributed and read by students each year.
To pick up your free newspaper, please stop by the following locations:

  • MSU International Center
  • MSU CATA Station
  • Business College Complex
  • Eppley Center
  • South Kedzie
  • Engineering Building
  • Communications Arts and Sciences
  • Wells Hall
  • Berkey Hall
  • North Case Hall
  • South Case Hall
  • MSU Library
  • MSU Union
  • East Shaw Hall
  • West Shaw Hall
  • Snyder Hall
  • Phillips Hall
  • West Holmes Hall
  • Yakeley Hall
  • Holden Hall
  • North Hubbard Hall
  • South Hubbard Hall
  • West Akers Hall
  • East Wilson Hall
  • Owen Hall
  • Brody Hall
  • Erickson Hall
  • Landon Hall
  • Student Services Building