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Message from the ASMSU President

The spring semester is a time for renewed opportunities of growth and commitment on our campus and throughout the greater community. At ASMSU, we have seen a busy fall semester with many new and continued initiatives, many friendships, and overall strength among our main purpose: to serve and voice the needs of our student body.

I am assured that together, ‘Spartans Will’ continue to help our community prosper as we take on a new semester. But, it can only happen from the support and engagement from everyone that we represent. This new year, it is a personal resolution for me to hear from even more of our students that have genuine concerns about making our campus a better, safer, and healthier place. This happens by meeting with students in passing, across registered student organizations, and social media.

My personal hope for every student this semester is to get involved. Whether it’s through an initiative at ASMSU, or joining one of the 800+ student organizations on campus; the opportunities are endless to leave a Spartan legacy with some of the closest friends you will treasure in your lifetime. Not only is involvement at MSU a chance to strengthen your friendships, but also the sure way to succeed in the classroom.

As we look ahead to our new classes, I am encouraging each and every Spartan to keep their heads high, and their goals set higher as we reach bigger potential at Michigan State University. Success must be known as a collaborative effort, for all of us on “Team MSU.”

Go Green!

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Lorenzo Santavicca
Student Body President, ASMSU

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Monday, January 9

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Monday, January 9 - 23

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Last Day to Request Tax Refund

Monday, January 23

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Last to request a Short-Term Loan

Friday, Feb. 17

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All Spring Loans are Due!

Friday, April 14

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All iClickers are Due!

Friday, May 5

ASMSU by the Numbers


27 Cases
7 of 27 went to a hearing


800 Cases
– 300 Civil
– 500 Criminal


Funded $109,270.85 for 34 Registered Student Organizations

Finance & Operations

643 iClickers rented by students
88 loans given out for a total of $24,550
6,000 blue books given out to students


More than 6,400 yearbooks distributed


Over 50 undergraduate students serve on academic governance committees. All MSU undergraduate students are united under the work of ASMSU:
 the Spartan Code of Honor.


Registered nearly 1,100 students to vote. Working to correct issues surrounding sexual assault on campus. Advising the city with providing recycling services to all off-campus apartment complexes.

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