Calling All Creative Minds

The Associated Students of Michigan State University is re-branding

ASMSU is re-branding itself across campus and the community. We believe that the students we represent have many talents including graphic design and creative impressions.
We want your input on the new face of ASMSU.

The winning design will be our brand standard and the winner will recieve an Apple iPad. The top 3 designers will also receive a $25 gift card! 

Please read the creative brief for more infomration.
See you on campus,

Read Creative Brief here 


Message from the ASMSU President

Leaves falling, frigid weather emerging, and a number of “friends-giving” activities well underway: the sure signs for a time of giving “thanks” to our Spartan friends and family.

This season’s gratitude and warm sentiments are made more impactful to the holiday than ever with a campus climate that has brought many divisions with one another. Despite our hardships, our Spartan family has a number of reasons to be thankful and come together as one this time of the semester. I wish to share a few reasons with you why I find myself thankful for our Spartan community.

Every day, I am thankful for the wide array of identities on our campus that comprise our Spartan helmet. Every student that lives, studies, and partakes in the Spartan traditions deserves to be here on this campus; not because of entitlement, but because each one has earned their way. As Spartans, all of us can appreciate the paths that brought nearly 40,000 undergraduate students to East Lansing. Our compassion for individual narratives begins in the classroom with lab groups or seat neighbors, but truly deepens in the dialogues that happen after-hours, where students share their heart-felt passions and cultural heritage with one another.

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We should all be thankful for our fellow student leaders across campus that have shed an increasing light upon historical struggles and demanded a listening ear for the folks of minority and marginalized communities.  Among these are CORES and COPS leaders, resident assistants, intercultural aides, teaching assistants, elected representatives, athletes, campus activists, student organization members, and those without a title that bring about change on our campus. The voices of those that have been historically silenced and marginalized must be held higher as our nation recovers and rebuilds itself from a severely divisive political climate.

The constant prosperity of a place that once began in serving those of the state of Michigan has significantly invested itself in serving the world. For this reason, I am ever thankful for our faculty and staff at Michigan State University that help contribute to our success, well-being, and global recognition as a world-grant university. Our educators have an important role in guiding our life after these short years as a student, and we must not forget who also inspires our way as world-changers. The extra office hours or the heart-to-heart conversations make an inch seem like a mile for students that need extra support in continuing assured success at — and beyond — Michigan State University.

In this season of gratitude, I ask for every Spartan to think about how they see themselves weaved in the larger fabric of Michigan State University. Students: thank a friend, role model, educator, or official that has helped you reach new heights and maximize your potential. Faculty and staff: thank your colleagues for helping our students achieve, persevere, and think critically every day in new ways. At an institution that has much to celebrate because of its offerings and opportunities, it is because of our unique composition of Spartans that we are made greater every day.

Go Green!

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Lorenzo Santavicca
Student Body President, ASMSU

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Tax Refund Request Accepted

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Fall 2016 Loan Program Ended

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iClicker Renewal/Return Due Date

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ASMSU by the Numbers


27 Cases
7 of 27 went to a hearing


800 Cases
– 300 Civil
– 500 Criminal


Funded $109,270.85 for 34 Registered Student Organizations

Finance & Operations

643 iClickers rented by students
88 loans given out for a total of $24,550
6,000 blue books given out to students


More than 6,400 yearbooks distributed


Over 50 undergraduate students serve on academic governance committees. All MSU undergraduate students are united under the work of ASMSU:
 the Spartan Code of Honor.


Registered nearly 1,100 students to vote. Working to correct issues surrounding sexual assault on campus. Advising the city with providing recycling services to all off-campus apartment complexes.

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