Message from the ASMSU President

Fellow Spartans,

Welcome back to another exciting year at Michigan State University! I am Lorenzo Santavicca, and I am truly honored to serve as your Student Body President. We come together again ready to build upon our Spartan traditions in world-class learning and research, and exciting athletic victories. As a proud third-year Spartan studying International Relations and Economics, who is as-passionate for the university community and its values as the next (not to mention the delectable Dairy Store Ice Cream), I hope you’re excited to continue living out – or shouting out – our “Go Green!” school spirit every day.

At the beginning of each session, student leaders in ASMSU initiate the conversation of how together, we will make a difference in enhancing the undergraduate student experience. Whether it be increasing access to our most popular services (such as i-Clicker rental program, Blue Books, legal consultation – and new this year, Graphing Calculator rental program); or bigger advocacy initiatives (such as developing a more inclusive campus community and increasing resources for the counseling centers), we are committed to making strides in student success by putting students’ interests at the forefront of everything that we do. 


I am so encouraged by the interest of many undergraduate students in creating a more engaged and active campus through their involvement with ASMSU. Student engagement is vital to promoting students’ ideas and interests to the University administration, as well as government officials at local, state, and federal levels. I urge you to take the time to get to know your elected representative(s) and University leadership. In the interest of engaging even more Spartans on our campus, one of my goals for the year is to ensure that there is intentional collaboration with students, faculty and staff across the university as we continue to have conversations about how we can make MSU a more inclusive community.

It is my hope that you feel empowered to become a part of “something bigger” at Michigan State University. At ASMSU, we hope to provide you with those opportunities. I know I have found myself passionate and dedicated to continuing a lifestyle of servant leadership thanks to this association. Without the presence of ASMSU, student voice and concerns would be unorganized and considerably disconnected from the people and places that need to commit to our student voice the most.

We are always looking for more students to get involved and help make MSU a better place for all current and future Spartans. Please explore the website to learn more about how you can become involved with the general assembly, our class councils, or even joining us in our advocacy work. If you have more questions about the association as a whole, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

Who will lead us to greater heights?
Spartans Will.

Go Green!

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Lorenzo Santavicca
Student Body President, ASMSU

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Fall 2016 Loan Program Begins

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Tax Refund Request Accepted

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ASMSU by the Numbers


27 Cases
7 of 27 went to a hearing


800 Cases
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88 loans given out for a total of $24,550
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More than 6,400 yearbooks distributed


Over 50 undergraduate students serve on academic governance committees. All MSU undergraduate students are united under the work of ASMSU:
 the Spartan Code of Honor.


Registered nearly 1,100 students to vote. Working to correct issues surrounding sexual assault on campus. Advising the city with providing recycling services to all off-campus apartment complexes.

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