What are Class Councils?

Class Councils were established in order to directly represent each class on campus to better address their unique concerns. The Council acts as the voice of their class at Michigan State University. Class Councils are a great way to meet more people in your class, plan events for your class, and learn leadership skills.

Class Council Meetings (Hybrid)

Freshman Class Council (FCC): Mondays @ 6:00pm

Meeting ID: 947 7237 8432

Passcode: asmsu

Zoom Link

Sophomore Class Council (SoCC): Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

Meeting ID: 968 5332 1067

Passcode: asmsu

Zoom Link

Junior Class Council (JCC): Wednesdays @ 6:00pm

Meeting ID: 965 9392 3075

Passcode: asmsu

Zoom Link

Senior Class Councils (SCC): Mondays @ 8:00pm

Meeting ID: 942 2318 1550

Passcode: asmsu

Zoom Link

Meet your Class Council Representatives

Freshman Class Council (FCC)

Connor Le & Sophie Sanborn

Sophomore Class Council (SoCC)

Kobi Sunday

Junior Class Council (JCC)

Carl Austin Miller Grondin

Senior Class Council (SCC)

Maxim Jenkins