What is the ASMSU Tax?



*The numbers in the above graphic are approximates based on the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

  • Student Allocations:
    • Fund events and activities held by Registered Student Organizations
    • Increases inclusiveness and involvement across campus
  • Legal Services: 
    • On average, Ingham County lawyers bill around $284 per hour
    • Why pay $284/hour when you have unlimited access to ASMSU Lawyers for $4.98 per semester!
    • $280+ savings per visit!
  • Safe Ride Program:
    • An average Uber in East Lansing costs $8
    • Why pay $8 a ride when you can pay $3 a semester?
    • Save $5 saving for one ride and the rest is FREE! 
  • Red Cedar Log Yearbook:
    • On average, a high school yearbook costs around $70
    • Why pay $70 when you can pay $1.81 per semester for Senior photos and a yearbook!
    • $68 savings!
  • Readership Program
    • The average student subscription to the WSJ and NYT is $96 / year
    • Why pay $96 / year when you can pay $1.25/semester with ASMSU Readership!
    • $93 savings a year for both!
  • Governmental Affairs: 
    • Election Awareness and Encouragement // Promotion
    • ASMSU Representative working with Government Officials
  • Diversity Department:
    • Helps support Campus and Community diversity initiatives such as Spartan Remix, student conferences, and Cores and Cops groups!
  • Class Council:
    • Supports initiatives and events planned/ hosted to unite every class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Seniors) at MSU
  • Rental Services: 
    • A Graphing Calculator and iClicker together cost over $150
    • Why pay $150 when you can pay $.07 a semester through ASMSU’s Rental program!
    • $159 savings!
  • Operations:
    Operations costs cover events such as:
    • Fall Welcome
    • Mental Health Awareness Week
    • Homecoming
    • ITS ON US Week of Action
    • First Generation Student Appreciation Week
    • Spring Concert
    • Interest – FREE Loans (up to $300)
    • Sustainability Initiatives
    • FREE Printing

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Finance and Other

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How to Request a Refund on your ASMSU Tax

ASMSU (Associated Students of MSU) is the all-university undergraduate student government. ASMSU provides many services to students such as free legal services, funding for student programs and events, MSU yearbook and copy and faxing services. All activities and programs are funded through a student voted tax collected each semester.

If you are interested in a refund on your ASMSU Tax, follow the following directions.

Deadline for requesting current tax refund: January 22

  • Email info@asmsu.msu.edu to request a Tax Refund Form.
  • You will be required to provide proof of payment and registration.
  • For fall and spring semesters, you must take action before the end of the first two weeks (or first 10 class days) of the semester.
  • For summer, you must take action before the end of the first two weeks (or first 10 class days) of the first session.
  • The address used on the form is the address where the refund will be mailed to.

NOTE: Once the ASMSU tax refund is claimed, you will no longer be eligible for ASMSU services (Safe Ride, Loan Program, iClickers & Calculator rentals, Free Printing, Blue Book Program, Interest Free Loan Program, Readership Program, ect.).