Jo Kovach, President

Office: 517-884-8077
Twitter: @ASMSU_Pres


Jo is the Chief Executive Officer of the 2 million dollar organization – one of the largest student governments in the United States of America. Jo is also the primary delegate and spokesperson of the student body to the University Administration as well as to our external partners. In addition, Jo is the chief administrative officer and the chairperson of the ASMSU General Assembly.

In their free time, Jo loves hanging out with their housemates (all 23 of them), playing tennis, spending time with their cat, and cheering on MSU sports teams. They are a staunch supporter of the cooperative movement & are also a member of Kappa Alpha Pi – Professional Pre-Law Fraternity. Jo sincerely hopes that you will consider joining ASMSU in our collective effort to better the undergraduate student experience. Please reach out to our VPIA CAMG ( if you have any questions about joining us. As an elected officer for the student body, Jo hopes that you will consider reaching out to them by email ( about anything and everything. They care about you and want to hear your story & experiences.

Jack Harrison
Chief of Staff

In his role as chief of staff, Jack works under the ASMSU President, directly overseeing ASMSU's Director teams and indirectly managing all ASMSU employees. Jack works closely with the ASMSU Engagement Office, and he coordinates various ASMSU initiatives internally and externally with campus partners. Jack is very involved with ASMSU human resource matters and assists with ASMSU communications and respondence. He is also ASMSU's liaison to the Association of Big Ten Students. Prior to this role, Jack served as two-time General Assembly Representative in ASMSU for the College of Communication Arts and Sciences. He also served on several committees in the University Academic Governance system.

Outside of ASMSU, Jack has been involved in positions in state government, campaigns and the private sector. He has also reported for local news and worked in public relations. Graduating in April of 2023, Jack is looking to work in communications or public relations in government or for a corporation. He enjoys golfing, watching television, traveling and serving on various boards, including the Michigan Department of State's College Student Advisory Task Force. If you would like to connect with Jack please email him at

Nadir Hamid
Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer

Nadir Hamid (He/Him) serves as the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer for the Associated Students of Michigan State University. He is currently a Senior pursuing a BA in Comparative Cultures and Politics with a minor in Computational Mathematics Engineering and Science and Arabic. He also serves as senior advisor for the Muslim Students Association and places a strong emphasis on advocacy and interfaith efforts. As the CDEIO, Nadir works closely with the CORES (Council of Racial and Ethnic Students) & COPS (Council of Progressive Students) Coalition as a liaison between them and ASMSU. Together, they work on advocacy efforts for marginalized students on campus for a more inclusive campus experience. Nadir has also worked with external campus partners and offices such as Student Life & Engagement, ICI, REHS, RHS, OCAT, I3, and more. Internally within ASMSU, he works closely with different departments to ensure equitable policies and programs with an overall effort to diversity, equity, and inclusion in this organization. If you would like to get in contact with Nadir to give any DEI related concerns, questions, or comments, do not hesitate to reach out at

Aaron Iturralde
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Pronouns: they/he

Aaron Iturralde is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at ASMSU. He is studying Social Relations and Policy with a certification track in Secondary Education. Aaron seeks to enhance the presence of ASMSU within the academic governance structure by fostering a diverse and unified student delegation in the MSU Academic Governance system. He also oversees the planning of the Academic Affairs Department's two programming events -- First Generation Student Appreciation Week and Open Education Resource Awareness Week .He works with administrators and senior faculty members to ensure that all undergraduate students at Michigan State University can have an inclusive and safe academic experience.

Vipul Adusumilli
Vice President for Finance and Operations

Vipul Adusumilli serves as the Vice President for Finance and Operations at ASMSU. As a Senior Accounting major, his main obligations as VPFO are to oversee the business and service operations. This includes managing services such as Safe Ride, Readership Program, Legal Services, Red Cedar Log Yearbook, iClicker & Calculator rentals, Bluebook Program, Loan Program, and all other ASMSU provided services. In addition to service operation, he advocates to campus administration on behalf of the student body, develops new methods to help make ASMSU resources more engaging and equitable for the student body, and promotes the development of student collaboration efforts. As well, he serves as a point-of-reference for those on the General Assembly - and any inquiring constituents - who seek information on ASMSU's financial processes and guidelines. For any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to contact Vipul at and he'll be glad to chat or point you in the right direction!

Sophia Strach
Vice President for Governmental Affairs

Sophia Strach (she/her/hers) is a third-year student, studying Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy and Russian in the James Madison College. Sophia started in ASMSU and Governmental Affairs as the General Assembly Representative for the James Madison College in the 58th session. Sophia, then served as the State Liaison in the Gov. Affairs department with a focus on state appropriations and Board of Trustee Transparency. Sophia was elected as the Vice President of Governmental Affairs (VPGA) in October 2022. As VPGA, Sophia  is the chief governmental and policy advocate for MSU’s ~40,000 undergraduate students and oversees the government relations activities of ASMSU. She is incredibly passionate about equity and economic issues, some of which include making MSU more affordable for students, housing more accessible, and advancing justice for survivors. Sophia hopes to become a Human Rights Lawyer specializing in human rights violations in Slavic countries and domestically in the U.S. Outside of ASMSU Sophia likes to listen and play jazz music. Her favorite artists are Charles Mingus and Nina Simone. Sophia is also an avid plant mom.


Carl Austin Miller Grondin
Vice President for Internal Administration
Carl Austin Miller Grondin is a double major in Philosophy through the College of Arts and Letters and Social Relations & Policy through James Madison College with Minors in Peace and Justice Studies, Business, Jewish Studies, Leadership of Organizations, Political Economy and Norwegian.
As the VPIA, C.A.M.G. works closely with the General Assembly, the legislative body of ASMSU. The GA is made up of elected college representatives as well as reps from the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), Council of Progressive Students (COPS), and other governing organizations (Greek Life, Residence Hall Association, Spartan Housing Cooperative, etc.). C.A.M.G. ensures that bills and other legislation passed by the GA are effective and in line with the needs of the Spartan community. Aside from this, C.A.M.G. is also the undergraduate advisor to the Class Councils (Freshmen to Senior) and assists on various events and initiatives held by the Councils that are worked on throughout the year to better serve the Spartan community. If you would like to set up a meeting with VPIA C.A.M.G., please email him at, or use his Calendly link:
Hady Omar
Vice President for Student Allocations

Hady Omar is the Vice President for Student Allocations. He is a junior in the College of Natural Science and College of Arts and Letters pursuing a dual degree in Human Biology and Religious Studies. In his free time, Hady loves to watch and play soccer and tennis! He serves as the chair of the ASMSU Student Allocations Board, the branch of ASMSU that allocates money to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), the Councils of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), and the Councils of Progressive Students (COPS). Every year, these student organizations use Student Allocations funding to hold amazing events, conferences, and more! Hady is eager to help any student group at Michigan State, and if you have any questions for him, please email her at