Mario Kakos, President

Office: 517-884-8077

Mario Kakos is the President of the Associated Students of Michigan State University – your undergraduate Student Government! He is a senior studying Political Science and minoring in Leadership of Organizations. Mario began his involvement as a Freshman Class Council representative and most recently served as the Vice President for Internal Administration in the 2018-2019 academic year. As President, Mario serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ASMSU, a 1.9-million-dollar organization – one of the largest student governments in the country. Mario is the primary delegate and spokesperson of the student body to the University Administration as well as local, state and federal government officials. In addition, Mario is the chief administrative officer and the chairperson of the ASMSU General Assembly. His passion for student engagement makes him a willing collaborator to all students. Feel free to reach out!

Johanna Pendley
Chief of Staff

Johanna Pendley is the Chief of Staff of the Associated Students of Michigan State University. In her role as Chief of Staff, she oversees 40+ staff members across 7 different ASMSU departments. Within this role, Johanna also serves as the staff liaison to the General Assembly and the rest of the Office of the President.




Office: 517-884-8078

Miracle Chatman
Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer

Miracle Chatman is the Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer of ASMSU. She is a Senior majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry. She has previously served as the President of the Black Student Alliance where she focused her efforts on increasing collaboration within the black community. She is also president of the Crowning Young Queens organization, where she serves as a mentor for high school females in Detroit. In her current role as the Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer, She will continue to foster a coalition among the CORES & COPS. She works with the Chief of Staff to establish and maintain a current program of diversity awareness and workplace culture/professional development for all areas of ASMSU. As the CDEIO, she also Chairs the GA Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.

Brianna Aiello
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Brianna Aiello, but you can call her Bri, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at ASMSU. She is a Junior studying Social Relations and Policy and double minoring in Educational Studies and Women and Gender Studies. As the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Bri seeks to enhance the presence of ASMSU within the academic governance structure by involving students directly into the University’s Standing Committees. She works with administrators and senior faculty members to ensure that all undergraduate students at Michigan State University can have an inclusive and safe academic experience. Bri is also tasked with recruiting students to serve on the Student Caucus, a facet of ASMSU that ensures the voices of undergraduate students are heard at every level of the University, particularly as it pertains to any changes the student body wants to address in academic policy. If you want to get involved with Academic Governance or have any other questions about academic affairs, do not hesitate to contact Bri.


Office: 517-355-8266

Tayte Rider

Tayte Rider currently serves as the Vice President for Finance and Operations at ASMSU. He is a Senior majoring in Finance with a minor in Cognitive Science. As the Vice President for Finance and Operations, Tayte serves the undergraduate student body by overseeing the business and financial operations of the Red Cedar Log Yearbook Department, Legal Services Department, Student Rights Advocates Department, and other ASMSU Service Departments. Tayte also manages the various ASMSU programs, which include the Blue Book Program, Readership Program, iClicker, and Graphing Calculator Rental Programs, Loan Program, Safe Ride, and additional ASMSU Service Programs. Tayte’s administrative obligations include contractual negotiations and maintenance, exploration and execution of new student initiatives, and development of student collaboration efforts. In his role, Tayte acts in the best interest of the Michigan State University student body to enhance the student experience throughout their undergraduate career. Feel free to contact Tayte for any potential collaborations or suggestions at


Office: 517-355-8266

Maysa Sitar
Vice President for Governmental Affairs

Maysa Sitar is the Vice President of Governmental Affairs at ASMSU. She is pursuing a dual degree in political science and journalism with a minor in Arabic. In her role, Maysa hopes to increase students’ voice in the local, state, and national arenas. She is working to bring students to the government and the government to students through new initiatives such as Rides to the Capitol program and Meet the Mayor days. Her department also advocates on behalf of students on important issues including student loan debt, ballot access, and criminal justice reform. Maysa loves reading, MSU football games, and registering people to vote (see her if you have voting questions!!). If you have any government-related concerns/ideas, or if you’d simply like to get involved, feel free to email her at or come chat with her in her office: Student Services Building Rm. 336!



Office: 517-355-8266

Nora Teagan
Vice President for Internal Administration

Nora Teagan is the Vice President for Internal Administration at ASMSU. She is a Junior majoring in International Relations and Comparative Cultures & Politics with a minor in Leadership of Organizations. As the VPIA, Nora works closely with the General Assembly, the legislative body of ASMSU. The GA is made up of elected college representatives as well as reps from the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), Council of Progressive Students (COPS), and other governing organizations (Greek Life, Residence Hall Association, etc.). She ensures that bills and other legislation passed by the GA are effective and in line with the needs of the spartan community. Aside from this, Nora assists the Class Councils (Freshmen to Senior) on various events and initiatives that are worked on throughout the year to better serve the Spartan community. In her free time, Nora loves volunteering with local Girl Scout events and going to MSU football games. If you are interested in the General Assembly or joining a Class Council, Nora would be happy to help! Follow the links to the side to get in contact with her.


Office: 517-355-8266

Dylan Catalano
Vice President for Student Allocations

Dylan Catalano is the Vice President for Student Allocations. He is a junior in James Madison College studying Social Relations and Policy with two minors in Leadership of Organizations and Italian. He serves as the chair of the ASMSU Student Allocations Board, the branch of ASMSU that allocates money to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), the Councils of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), and the Councils of Progressive Students (COPS). Funding for these groups. Every year, these student organizations use Student Allocations funding to hold amazing events, conferences, and more! Dylan is eager to help any student group at Michigan State, and if you have any questions for him, please email him at