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ASMSU Safe Ride Program

What is Safe Ride?

Safe Ride is a service provided to members of the Michigan State University community as a safe and free altsafe-ride-logoernative to walking alone after dark.  University Safe Ride programs are proven to reduce assault-related dangers and drunk driving both on and off campus.  ASMSU is piloting a Safe Ride Program for the Spring of 2017.

What happens after the Safe Ride pilot program?

After the Safe Ride Pilot Program, we hope to be able to gauge the use of this program. If the program is successful, we hope to expand the program to operate 7 days a week and include more cars. This would be effective Fall 2017 after the student body votes to continue the Safe Ride Program in this upcoming Spring election.

Step 1:

Download the TransLoc Rider App (App Store or Google Play Store), it is the best way to request a ride!

  • Download the TransLoc Rider App
    • Using Apple App Store Or Google Play
    • Using Google Play

Step 2:

When you open the App, select Michigan State University


Step 3:

Choose the blue rider icon in the lower lefthand corner

    • *Icon will be gray if Safe Ride isn’t operating*


Step 4:

Scroll down and select Michigan State University (Do NOT create an account here, scroll down and log-in using your MSU NetID)

    • Use your MSU netID to create a TransLoc Account.  Please enter your netID as your TransLoc username as well as your MSU email.  Your phone number will be used to send text messages to you once your ride is on the way.

safe-ride-3 safe-ride-4 safe-ride-5

Step 5:

Choose your pickup location


Step 6:

Choose your drop-off location *Must be home address*


Step 7:

Select your number of passengers


Step 8:

Confirm your trip


  • Current MSU netID information is required to request a ride through the ASMSU Safe Ride Program
  • Safe Ride will provide safe transportation to MSU Students
  • Safe Ride will only drop you off at your home address
  • Please let us know when you are requesting the ride if you need an accommodation for a documented disability.  Vehicles are wheelchair accessible.
  • Safe Ride provides rides for groups of three or less.
  • Safe Ride vehicles will only travel within posted boundaries.
  • If you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe while using Safe Ride, please let us know so that we can improve our program and take action.
  • Smoking, vaping, eating, and consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in Safe Ride vehicles
  • Safe Ride reserves the right to refuse service.
  • Any address within the following boundaries:
    • North: East State Rd.
    • South: Mount Hope Rd.
    • East: Park Lake Rd.
    • West: U.S. 127
  • Please be respectful to your Safe Ride driver and vehicle at all times.
  • Please refrain from smoking, vaping, eating, or consuming alcoholic beverages in the vehicle
  • Please be ready to go when your Safe Ride arrives and ready to exit the vehicle when you arrive at your end location
  • Please clean up after yourself by picking up any garbage before exiting the vehicle
  • Please ensure that you have all of your belongings (phone, keys, wallet, etc.) before exiting the vehicle
  • If you have to cancel your ride, please call immediately and cancel or reschedule to ensure that you don’t take that ride from someone else.
  • Can anybody use Safe Ride?
    • Use of Safe Ride is limited to Michigan State University students only with two guests. For liability reasons, Safe Ride is unable to transport young children. If you have parties larger than three, please consider using an alternative transportation option.
  • How long does it take to get a ride?
    • Wait times vary based on request volume, weather conditions, traffic, etc. The TransLoc app will give you updated wait times on the application, so you will  know when your ride will arrive.
  • Where do I go for my pick-up?
    • Please wait for your ride in a safe and well lit location. As your ride arrives, please wait in an open location that makes it easy for the driver to find you.
  • What happens if I can’t make my ride?
    • If you are unable to make your ride please immediately call and cancel or reschedule your ride. This allows us to pick up other  students that need rides.
  • How will I know when my car arrives?
    • The Safe Ride vehicle will be marked with the ASMSU Safe Ride Logo and a lit sign on top of the car.
  • If I am a minor under the influence, will I be susceptible to a Minor In Possession?
    • No, Safe Ride is a non judgemental service focused on helping students get home. Our Safe Ride drivers are trained to be prepared for anything. Please make sure that you remain respectful throughout your ride and relay to the Safe Ride driver if you need anything.