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ASMSU Announces New General Assembly Representatives

Our Mission

The Associated Students of Michigan State University is the undergraduate Student Government of Michigan State. Our mission is to enhance our individual and collective student experience through education, empowerment and advocacy by dedication to the needs and interests of students.


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The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the legislative body of the Associated Students of Michigan State University. The Assembly is comprised of college-elected representatives from the degree-granting colleges, as well as representatives from the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), Council of Progressive Students (COPS), and major governing organizations (Residence Hall Association, Fraternity and Sorority Life Councils, etc.). General Assembly meetings are open for any students to join and listen, as well as to public comment, no prior sign-up required.

The Assembly introduces, debates, and votes on legislative action to take a stance on behalf of the collective undergraduate student body. Legislative action from the Assembly on behalf of the undergraduate student body is then carried forward in advocacy to University officials, community leaders, as well as representatives at the State Capitol and Federal level of government. The Assembly also maintains fiduciary responsibility for the funds of the organization, authorizing the annual ASMSU budget in the spring, and any other expenditures that are not already set forward in the budget for the organization.

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Time & Location

7:00 P.M.

Hybrid: Zoom Meeting and Room 115 of the International Center

Passcode: asmsu


Message from the ASMSU President

My name is Abii-Tah Chungong Bih and I am an international student from Cameroon. I am also a senior in the James Madison College of Public Affairs. This 2020-2021 academic year, I am privileged to serve as your undergraduate Student Body President.

As a Spartan community, we all are a part of each other’s histories. We may look unfamiliar at first glance but in truth, we all bleed green. It only takes a little courage to engage with each other, to comprehend the diversity in perspectives, and to tune ourselves to the wonderful harmony of Spartan unity. As students, our deep appreciation for each other’s cultures, stories, and humanity implies that one Spartan’s problem is every Spartan’s problem. We unite to advocate for each other because each one of us is an indispensable piece of the MSU puzzle.

My hope for you is to remember that the Spartan nation is not just the sum of its parts. Instead, we are a true melting pot. We defy all hints of defeat, and we commit to uplift each other. In moments of tension or conflict – I will always act in the best interests of the student body. As your president, your problems are mine too. I am committed to resolving differences when I can, taking a firm stand when I cannot, and devoting all of my energy in the upcoming year advocating on your behalf. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about student life or MSU in general, please do not hesitate to contact me at president@asmsu.msu.edu or on Twitter at @ASMSU_Pres

I encourage you to become involved with amplifying the student voice. Our weekly General Assembly meetings are open to the public on Thursdays at 7pm so if you ever wish to be heard, you are very welcome. Please check our homepage to see our calendar and join us as we represent you!

In Green and White,


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