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Project Description

What is Academic Affairs?

The Academic Affairs facet of ASMSU is the liaison between undergraduate students and the Academic Governance system of MSU. With long-standing connections to university administration, faculty, and staff, ASMSU has been able to establish the student voice for academic policy through multiple University Committees.

The following MSU Academic Governance Standing Committees have ASMSU student representation. These representatives make recommendations, provide advice, and speak for at-large students on proposals developed in Academic Governance.

University Committees

  • Academic Governance
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty Tenure
  • Student Affairs
  • Undergraduate Education

Advisory Committees

  • Honors Programs
  • Liberal Learning
  • Military Education
  • The Library
  • International Studies


Welcome to ASMSU’s Academic Affairs Department! We are excited to have students back on campus, and hope to engage the student body in our mission to improve the academic experience of all Spartans. One of the largest initiatives that Academic Affairs is tackling this year, in partnership with the MSU Hub, is college affordability. This includes, but is not limited to: textbook costs, other course material costs (i.e. buying materials for presentations), hidden attendance costs (example: having to buy Tophat), and assessing the factors that drive faculty to use the course materials that they do.

We will additionally work alongside the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education in their efforts to assess and improve undergraduate academic advising; it is crucial that students take this survey, and the Academic Affairs department will play a role in conducting focus groups with the student body during spring semester!

Lastly, the Student Caucus, ASMSU’s facet that ensures students are heard in the Michigan State University system of Academic Governance, will be working on reform of IAH and ISS courses as they go through Academic Governance committees in the spring, as well as a mechanism to implement mid-semester feedback from students to faculty.

If you have any interest in these initiatives or have suggestions or ideas about things YOUR Academic Affairs department can do to better serve you, please reach out to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dylan Westrin, at vpaa@asmsu.msu.edu ! She is always happy and willing to meet with students about any concerns they have.

Student Caucus

The Student Caucus is a facet of Michigan State University’s Undergraduate Student Government, the Associated Students of MSU (ASMSU), comprised of undergraduate at-large students. The purpose of the Student Caucus is to exercise the student voice within MSU’s Academic Governance system. In addition, ASMSU’s Student Caucus creates awareness about MSU’s academic and student policies, as well as collects feedback on what students want to change academically at MSU.

Academic Governance Comittee Description

Student Caucus

The Associated Students of Michigan State University Student Caucus is an advisory board to ASMSU’s Academic Affairs (AA) Committee. Student Caucus members are expected to sit on one of the University’s academic governance committees (see “Academic Governance Committee Descriptions” for a list of the committees duties and their meeting times and locations) and attend ASMSU Academic Affairs Committee meetings. The AA Committee meets every-other Thursday at 7:30 PM.