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What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly is the legislative body of the Associated Students of Michigan State University. The Assembly is comprised of college-elected representatives from the degree-granting colleges, as well as representatives from the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), Council of Progressive Students (COPS), and major governing organizations (Residence Hall Association, Fraternity and Sorority Life Councils, etc.)

The Assembly introduces, debates, and votes on legislative action to take a stance on behalf of the collective undergraduate student body. Legislative action from the Assembly on behalf of the undergraduate student body is then carried forward in advocacy to University officials, community leaders, as well as representatives at the State Capitol and Federal level of government. The Assembly also maintains fiduciary responsibility for the funds of the organization, authorizing the annual ASMSU budget in the spring, and any other expenditures that are not already set forward in the budget for the organization.

General Assembly meetings are open to all members of the public, where all undergraduate students are encouraged to participate, and can be found on the calendar below. Elections to join the General Assembly occur each spring semester in the month of April. Should there be an opening to fill a vacancy, an announcement for appointments will be made known on the home page of the ASMSU website.

If you have questions about the General Assembly, please contact the Vice President for Internal Administration at vpia@asmsu.msu.edu.

General Assembly Representative Application

Public Comment Sign-in

According to Title II, Section 11 Item C of ASMSU’s Code of Operations outline in our Constitution:
 During public comment on agenda items, any topic may be discussed up to 15 minutes unless extended by a majority vote of the assembly. Any student may speak, but only once, with a three minute time limit unless extended by consent of the General Assembly

The agenda is in the drop-down menu to the right.

55th Session Representatives

Email: agnatreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Sergei Kelley
    Agriculture and Natural Resources - Sergei Kelley
  • Josh Grindling
  • Graham Smith

Email: artslettersreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • China Gross
  • Carla Simone

Email: businessreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Jiahao She
  • Gabriella Winters
    Business - Gabriella Winters
  • Oscar Garner III
  • Olivia Long

Email: commartsreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Maysa Sitar
    Comm Arts and Sciences - Maysa Sitar
  • Ashley Reed
    Comm Arts and Science - Ashley Reed
  • Temia Gaines
    Comm Arts and Sciences - Temia Gaines

Email: educationreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Theo Van Egeren
  • Marie Clark

Email: engineeringreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Ryan Aridi
  • Omar Alaa Elahdan
    Engineering - Omar Alaa Elahdan
  • Alexis Haselwanter
    Engineering - Alexis Haselwanter

Email: jmcreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Stacy LaRouche
    JMC Stacy LaRouche
  • Alexis Sargent
    Alexis Sargent - James Madison College

Email: lymanbriggsreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Benjamin Horne
  • Olivia Nave

Email: musicreps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Isaiah Hawkins
  • Elizabeth Medlin

Email: natscireps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Stephanie Brocke
  • Kathrine Gray
  • Kumaran Arivoli

Email: nursingreps@asmsu.msu.edu


Email: socialscireps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Selva Haidar
    Social Sciences - Selva Haidar
  • Mary Shamout
  • John Binkowski
  • Lauren Pepper

Jordan Robinson

Dylan Catalano

Talyce Murray