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What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly is the legislative body of the Associated Students of Michigan State University. The Assembly is comprised of college-elected representatives from the degree-granting colleges, as well as representatives from the Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (CORES), Council of Progressive Students (COPS), and major governing organizations (Residence Hall Association, Fraternity and Sorority Life Councils, etc.)

The Assembly introduces, debates, and votes on legislative action to take a stance on behalf of the collective undergraduate student body. Legislative action from the Assembly on behalf of the undergraduate student body is then carried forward in advocacy to University officials, community leaders, as well as representatives at the State Capitol and Federal level of government. The Assembly also maintains fiduciary responsibility for the funds of the organization, authorizing the annual ASMSU budget in the spring, and any other expenditures that are not already set forward in the budget for the organization.

General Assembly meetings are open to all members of the public, where all undergraduate students are encouraged to participate, and can be found on the calendar below. Elections to join the General Assembly occur each spring semester in the month of April. Should there be an opening to fill a vacancy, an announcement for appointments will be made known on the home page of the ASMSU website.

If you have questions about the General Assembly, please contact the Vice President for Internal Administration at vpia@asmsu.msu.edu.

General Assembly Representative Application

Public Comment Sign-in

According to Title II, Section 11 Item C of ASMSU’s Code of Operations outline in our Constitution:
 During public comment on agenda items, any topic may be discussed up to 15 minutes unless extended by a majority vote of the assembly. Any student may speak, but only once, with a three minute time limit unless extended by consent of the General Assembly

The agenda is in the drop-down menu to the right.

Previous Sessions Found Here: Historical Documents

2018-2019 Budget

Bill 55-01 Budget

Bill 55-02 Staff Director Appointments

Bill 55-04 GA Appointments

Bill 55-05 SAB Member Approval

Bill 55-06 Gov. Affairs Allocation

Bill 55-07 Re-Allocation for Marketing

Bill 55-08 Amending Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act

Bill 55-09 Support Change to FDA’s Blood Donor Deferral Policy

Bill 55-10 Increase Student Voting Opportunities

Bill 55-11 Freenters Free Printing

Bill 55-12 Assemble Internal Review Board

Bill 55-13 Allocate Funds to Food Bank

Bill 55-14 Allocate to ACS

Bill 55-16 Medical Amnesty Bill

Bill 55-17 Appointments to UHB

Bill 55-19 Allocate Funds to iClicker Rental Program

Bill 55-20 Provide Funding for Graphing Calculator Rental Program

Bill 55-21 Allocate Funds to Marketing Department to Sponsor the Spring Concert

Bill 55-22 Donate $1500 to East Lansing Info

Bill 55-23 Advocate Non-Citizenship Voting in East Lansing

Bill 55-24 Advocate for Allowing Municipalities to Lower Voting Age

Bill 55-26 Oppose the Move of a Court Far From Campus

Bill 55-27 Allocate Funds to Rec Fest

Bill 55-28 Advocate for Installment of Hand Sanitizing Stations on Campus

Bill 55-30 Encourage MSU to Investigate Sexual Harassment Claims…

Bill 55-31 Call for the Governor to Consult the MSU Community in Trustee Appointment

Bill 55-33 Support MSU Sister Survivors and Advocate for re-opening of MSU Healing Fund

Bill 55-34 Allocate $5000 to bringing the ElectHer seminar to MSU

Bilk 55-35 Amend the ASMSU Manual in Section 16

Bill 55-36 Amend the ASMSU Manual to better reflect the Internal Review Board

Bill 55-37 Oppose the Current Proposed Implementation of Flat Rate Tuition

Bill 55-38 Advocate against the adoption and promotion of the new proposed Title IX policies and regulations proposed by the current Secretary of Education

Bill 55-50 Reallocate Selected Line Item Funds from the 2018-2019 Budget to the General Fund

Bill 55-51 Allocate 5000 to the National Pan-Hellenic Council to plan and host an Awards Banquet

Bill 55-52 Continue Advocating for Affirmative Consent Education

Bill 55-53 Advocate for the Improvement of MSU Hazardous Weather Policies and Travel Infrastructure

Bill 55-54 Approve ASMSU Student Allocations Board Members

Bill 55-57 Allocate funds to SoCC for Cultural Exchange Event

Bill 55-58 MGC Week

Bill 55-59 Bringing Terry Crews for Its On Us

Bill 55-60 Add Student Athletic Advisory Committee to the Constitution

Bill 55-61 MSU Police Advisory Board

Bill 55-62 IRB Inappropriate Acts

Bill 55-63 Denounce lack of funding of the Intramural and Rec facilities at MSU

Bill 55-65 Advocate Econ as a STEM major

Bill 55-66 Advocate for a New Student Instructional Rating System

Bill 55-67 Advocate for Course Syllabi Availability

Bill 55-68 Research fund Constitution

Bill 55-69 UHB Appointments

Bill 55-71 New Student Voting System

Bill 55-72 Spring Organization Fair

Bill 55-73 Multicultural Banquet

Bill 55-74 Greek Week

Bill 55-75 Allocate to CORES & COPS

Bill 55-76 Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee

Bill 55-77 Advocate for Tuition Incentive Program

Bill 55-78 Office of Institutional Equity Reform

Bill 55-79 Office of Institutional Equity Transparency

Bill 55-80 Clarify Presidential Veto

56th Session Representatives

Email: canr.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Ashley Prince
  • Josh Grindling
  • Logan Krause

Email: business.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Tim Morris
  • Olivia Long
  • Oscar Garner III
  • Jessica Mijal

Email: engineering.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Ryan Aridi
  • Christian Stack
  • Alexis Haselwanter

Email: jmc.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Abii-Tah Chungong Bih
  • Adam Green

Email: lbc.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Anna Moody
  • Osten Eschedor

Email: music.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Christine So
  • Benjamin Gillman

Email: natsci.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Kumaran Arivoli
  • Shad Soldano
  • Aubrey Hanes

Email: nursing.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Michael Prosi

Email: social.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Alyssa Ewell
  • Selva Haidar
  • Renold Mueller

Email: nopref.reps@asmsu.msu.edu

  • Tadarian Rogers

Jordan Robinson

Dylan Catalano

Talyce Murray